What we do

Auditing to SAMSA / SOLAS requirements 

SCCS is accredited by SAMSA to perform audit assessments on a 3rd party basis to any Shipper or contract packer / Freight Forwarder anywhere in South Africa. Our team of specialists can assess your compliance to Method 2 [ see the VGM page] and recommend a compliant process to SAMSA to obtain your Shipper Number. Without this certification, your goods don’t sail.

Contact our Office Manager Michelle on: 011 392 1952   or email:  michelle@sccs.durban

Auditing of Road Hauliers to SQAS requirements

Coming soon are the assessments to the SQAS [Safety and Quality Assessment System] based on the CEFIC design for Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution of products especially dangerous goods or hazardous substances requiring additional controls in all phases of the supply chain. Our team has expertise in these assessments and can help you comply where your customers or suppliers have high risks to be managed.

Inspection of Drum Reconditioners

The use and reuse of packaging is an area of great concern especially where such packaging is used to export products manufactured in South Africa. The SCCS team is passionate about user safety along the entire supply chain. It is the responsibility of the suppliers of used packaging as well as the reconditioners of such packaging to ensure compliance to regulatory and stautory requirements. SCCS is here to help the industry as well as protect the end users where appropriate.

Transport Emergency Cards

A vital information link between the loading of dangerous goods through transportation and eventual off loading for final use. The Transport Emergency Cards have their own page for more detail. The Information is vital for driver, first responder and general public safety. It is a legal requirement under Chapter 8 of the Road Traffic Act – so let SCCS provide you a solution.

General Supply Chain Industry Compliance consulting

Your questions and queries relating to any compliance matter that affects your supply chain is where we like to apply our minds and offer solutions. If we don’t know, we will find out for you.

Associated Services from Trusted Service Providers:

  • Waste Management Consulting
  • CTU Pack Training for Shippers and Freight Forwarders
  • Management System implementation and auditing
  • Packaging Industry Consulting
  • Process Safety Management – consulting and training

For more information on any of the above SCCS or allied service providers: bruce@sccs.durban or  michelle@sccs.durban